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🎃 Get in the Halloween Spirit 👻 with a Behind the scenes Music Video shoot

Down with the Sickness by Disturbed – BEHIND THE SCENES of a HALLOWEEN Music Video shoot!!!


I’ve always enjoyed the idea of halloween cause there’s something about the spooky darkness that fascinates me…. Maybe it’s the incredible amount of emotions brought to the screen during scary movies, or that utter FRIGHT in the deepest part of my soul when somebody scares me….👻 All I know is that I’ve always had a dark side, to balance out my happy cheerful inspirational self….

And despite the fact that I am TERRIFIED of scary movies, I’ve always LOVED writing, producing & directing my OWN scary films… So, you guessed it!! I’ve done it again!!! Just like last year’s eerie halloween music video, THIS YEAR, I joined up with Mystery Man Photography, and we filmed another spooky halloween video. YAY!!! To top it off, I had a friend and aaahhmazingly talended Makeup Artist Devorah Beauty join in as well, to make my vision come to life with some extra scary makeup.
– ps. we got the makeup idea from the super talented Anna Lingis Artist

We had an incredible blast earlier this month shooting, and my beautiful MAMA BEAR filmed it ALL -thanks mam!- so I could share it with you!!!

Sooo without further ado, I am thrilled to share the Behind the Scenes footage of my unreleased music video — I will be posting the ACTUAL music video later this week, but if you simply can’t wait any longer, please head on over to my patreon page and make a 1$ donation to get exclusive access to my patreon platform, interact with me more personally and frequently, & the BEST PART:

Watch the halloween video early!


I would like you to know that if you become a patron, you’re helping to pay my grocery bills, gas bills, phone bills every single month. Your support means sooo much to me, and the fact that you’re helping me to continue making artsy-creative videos like this one makes me feel like one of the luckiest artists on the planet. So THANK YOU, thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for your pledge.

ENJOY lovelies!! xoxox

Eman’s Website: www.mysterymanphotography.com/
Anna Devorah MUA: www.mysterymanphotography.com/

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