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3 CRUCIAL Photography TIPS I wish I Knew BEFORE

3 Things I wish I knew before starting photography.
aka, 3 Things you should know before starting photography.
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Today I’m sharing something very personal that can help anyone. Those are the photography tips I wish I had heard when I was trying to take better pictures, whether it is for portraits, landscapes or street photography.

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✚ Lenses are 1000x more important than your camera body:
When we start photography we often get caught up in gear and camera bodies. The real question is what lens should you buy! The lenses have a much bigger impact on your photos than the body of the camera. Lenses will define if your shots are sharp, can have a shallow depth of field, can shoot in lower light, what type of bokeh you will have etc… To get the best photos possible from the beginning get a great lens with a low aperture like a 50mm f/1.8 for example.

✚ Minimum shutter speed lock function. I’ve talked a lot about it in my videos. Once more this is something I wish I had discovered way before. Minimum shutter speed allows you to tell your photography camera not to shoot under a defined shutter speed. Meaning when you shoot in aperture priority mode (you only control the aperture) the camera will change not allow the shutter speed to be slower than what you defined. This really helps get sharp and crispy shots no matter what conditions you are in. Automatically cameras always drag the shutter and we end up with blurry shots. Thanks to this it won’t.

✚ Editing your images:
Sounds silly but when I first started, I didn’t even know people edited their pictures. I had no clue why mine didn’t look as good as the ones on the magazines. Skill was 1reason but edit was the 2nd. Editing your photos allows you to achieve the look you want. Think of it as your personal touch on images. Yes you can use presets and filters but I highly encourage you to start from scratch for yourself.

That’s a wrap! Let me know what is the one thing you wish you knew when you started photography?

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