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5 LIGHTROOM tips and tricks to improve your WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY EDITING process. Advanced Tutorial.

Lightroom tips and tricks you can use every day!

In this advanced editing tutorial, Sabine shares her 5 Adobe Lightroom tipos that will improve your wildlife and nature photography.

About our weekly Photo Tips Video Series ►
In this weekly video series, our professional nature photography and wildlife photography team, brings you all the ‘how-to’, tips, tricks, hacks, advice, tutorials and techniques, including:
– Camera settings
– Post-production
– Photoshop
– Lightroom
– Tutorials
– Gear selection
– Editing

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Pangolin Photo Safaris operates in the Chobe, Northern Botswana throughout the year.

In our opinion, The Chobe National Park is the best year-round wildlife and nature photography destination in Africa – and that’s why we are based here.

All our game activities – on the Chobe River and on land within The Chobe National Park are hosted by Professional Pangolin Wildlife and Nature Photographers who feature in these films.

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About Sabine Stols:

Sabine is a Professional Pangolin Wildlife and Nature Photographer based in the Chobe, Botswana. Sabine also has extensive knowledge of the Okavango Delta and the Masai Mara in Kenya.

If you would like to join Sabine on safari check out her profile and social media links here ► https://www.pangolinphoto.com/sabine-stols

Born and raised in Germany, Sabine Stols used to be quite the city girl. All that changed when Sabine took a summer job on a cruise vessel where she met her South African husband Charl. Travelling the world together for several years as a photography and videography team they both fell in love with the diversity and richness of nature.

Being most passionate about nature and wildlife photography, they spent most of their vacation in the National Parks of South Africa. Lucky for them, the passion became a dream job in 2015 when they were offered positions as photographic hosts by Pangolin Photo Safaris.

Based in Kasane, Botswana they now guide anyone enthusiastic about photography and nature on photographic safaris and workshops in Chobe National Park and other wild places of Africa.

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The primary purpose of the video series is to educate and inform. Working in wildlife is not predictable, so we hope you watch and enjoy these videos in the spirit in which they were produced.

Please note that In the digital world of photography, editing, post production, retouching and post-processing is part of the final image process. We do offer sessions at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel where you can also learn these additional skills in producing amazing photographs.

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