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BEGINNER Landscape Photography ADVICE To IGNORE

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In this week’s episode, we discuss beginner landscape photography advice you should ignore. On this channel we discuss all things related to landscape photography, but bad advice is a topic we haven’t covered and I believe understanding what not to do is as equally as important as understanding what to do. All of the bad advice mentioned in this video I received either directly or indirectly during my first year of landscape photography. All of which I quickly implemented and eventually discovered wasn’t the best advice for me to apply to my landscape photography workflow as a beginner.

In this video, I review the worst beginner landscape photography advice I received. I ranked these pieces of advice in numerical order where bad advice number nine is the least egregious and number one is the worst piece of landscape photography advice I received as a beginner. Some of these items are gear related that had a negative financial impact on myself and others are advice that I felt slowed down my progression, photographically speaking.

As photography beginners we receive a great deal of advice, but identifying what’s the good advice versus the bad advice is not always clear. I’m sure everyone’s list of bad advice they received is a bit different, but I hope that mine resonates with yours and provides you with an additional point of view that’ll enable to you to determine if this is landscape photography advice that’s beneficial to you.

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