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Beginners Guide to Composition

In this quick guide we are going to explain the different composition techniques that we can apply to any photograph we shoot.

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Beginners guide to composition

Photography is not anymore a plain leisure as you can now make a living out of it. From a simple hobby and passion, it has now turned a profession to most of us. A big event, a family affair, or for personal pleasure, photography is always in demand. And the better you capture the more in-demand you become as a photographer.

If you want to learn and leverage your skill in photography, start learning the basic strategies of photography and practice consistently to harness your skill to become a pro someday. One of the basic aspects every beginner should learn is the rules of composition.

You might have heard about the rules of composition. You might have even applied it to your photographs; it’s just that you don’t know how to reference it. This composition rule for photographers has four aspects including the rule of thirds, balance, symmetry, and leading lines.

Why are composition rules vital? Today’s expert photographers are once beginners if you want to become a pro someday, work hard for it. The rules of composition apply to the majority of photojournalism. Once you have captured the right angle and defined your focus, you will definitely create eye-catching and stunning photographs.

Learning these rules is necessary for you as a beginner. But as you go through the process and gained enough experience in the field, you can eventually tweak and break each aspect. The goal is to help you understand the basic of photography to help you prepare for the complex ones.

This video tutorial discussed the basic photography rules and briefly explains the four compositions— rule of thirds, balance, symmetry, and leading lines.


Do not hesitate to ask for more information, we’re glad to help users in their way of becoming professional photographers.


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