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Best Google Pixel 5 Camera Tips and Tricks

In this video we are going over several Google Pixel 5 Camera Tips and Tricks to help you get the most out of the new Google Pixel 5 camera. To see how the Google Pixel 5 stacks up against the Pixel 4a, iPhone 12, or Oneplus 8T make sure to stay tuned. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for things like my Google Pixel 5 unboxing. I’ll be posting my full Google Pixel 5 review in the coming weeks as well so make sure you subscribe to Jonathan Casey and enable those notifications! Especially, if you’re interested in more Pixel tips and tricks or Android tips and tricks.

00:00 – Quick Launch Camera
00:44 – 4K 60fps
01:29 – Audio Zoom
02:39 – 5 Levels of Stabilization
03:42 – Touch Tracking AF
04:30 – Dual Exposure Compensation
05:24 – Astrophotography Mode + More
06:58 – RAW
07:46 – Selfies as Previewed
08:34 – Frequent Faces
09:21 – Top Shot
10:34 – Add Blur To Non Portrait Mode Pictures
11:55 – Portrait Lighting
13:16 – HEVC Compression
13:59 – Social Media Depth Information
14:37 – Framing Hints and Guides
16:02 – Selfie Light
17:37 – Extensive Photo Editor
18:49 – Export Video Frame
19:30 – Night Mode Portrait Mode Shot

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