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Bird Photography Essentials | Gear, Settings and Composition Tips

Bird photography with Charl. In this Video, Charl will explain his go-to settings for bird photography as well as advise on what gear you should use and why. He will also teach you some innovative compositional ideas, to improve your bird photography, illustrated with lots of beautiful pics!!!!

Bird photography is increasingly popular, being able to take a great bird photograph every time and improve your wildlife photography hit rate will set you apart from the crowd. Whether you are new to wildlife photography and bird photography in particular or if you someone who is looking for bird photography tips for the serious photographer. There is something for everyone in this film.


0:00 Introduction and video content
1:00 What camera gear you will need.
2:30 Understanding crop factor
3:49 Getting off Auto
5:30 Sutter speed and focal length
8:56 Understanding Bird Behaviour
9:36 Watch your backgrounds
10:20 Image Composition
11:37 Autofocus area selection
12:50 using light to get creative
14:30 Conclusion of Bird Photography Essentials

Charl not only takes about small bird photography but also tips to capture birds in flight. Will share his techniques for photographing small birds as well as larger eagles and other raptors.

Welcome to our channel which is dedicated to the wonderful world of wildlife photography. We endeavour to load one new video every week featuring beginner to advanced photo skills, editing tutorials, hacks and gear reviews. We are based in Northern Botswana in The Chobe National Park and we invite you to travel here, either virtually or physically, and we will do our very best to make you a better wildlife and nature photographer. Enjoy the channel.

If you would like to join Charl on safari you can do so by visiting our website: Pangolin Photo Safaris ► https://www.pangolinphoto.com/safari-packages

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