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Bird Photography Vlog | Why Use Back Button Focus | Setup on Olympus EM1ii

Bird Photography Vlog | Benefits of using back button focus and how to set up the back button focus on the Olympus OM-D EM1ii. In this video, I photograph small birds such as the yellowhammer, whitethroat and treecreeper.

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10:31 Benefits of Back Button Focus
17:20 How to Set up Back Button Focus on the Olympus

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Vlog Gear:
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I’m originally from Norway, but I have lived in Scotland since I studied wildlife biology a long time ago. In Scotland, I’ve worked as an ecologist and occasionally still do some freelance ornithology work. I have a passion for the natural world and I believe it’s our duty to keep as much wildlife and ecosystems alive for ourselves, for future generations and for nature’s own sake.

Combining my passion for wildlife with an obsession for photography has been my ultimate pursuit for the last couple of years and I’m enjoying the journey more every day.

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