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Bird Photography – Wildlife Photography Tips. Go out and try this today, you’ll love it!

In this video, I offer Bird Photography and Wildlife Photography related tips. Excellent for beginners.

A couple of days ago we had another dump of snow. So I set off to my local nature reserve, camera in hand to photograph whatever I fancied. Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve is just a 5-minute drive away from the studio.

FACEBOOK GROUP: British Birdwatching: tinyurl.com/1otgrrq7

My intention was to photograph the scenery and maybe a little wildlife too. Things, however, didn’t, (as they usually don’t whenever I venture out with my camera) go as planned!

The weather changed. Snow turned to rain and the snow started to dissipate quite quickly. It just looked messy. Because of this I armed myself with my 100-400mm lens and headed to the lake. The lake was partly iced over and worse still, there wasn’t a bird in sight!

Like a good boy scout though, I had a plan “B”!

I knew there was an excellent bird feeding station at the reserve so Paula (the missus) packed a bag of wild-bird seed in her bag. Thank heavens she did.10-minutes turned into an hour that turned into 3.

I loved photographing the birds and one promiscuous squirrel. If you haven’t tried it before then why not take this lock-down situation to try something a little different. As I said in the video, it’s brilliant on so many counts!

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