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Cold Weather Photography Tips: Appropriate Gear, Clothing, and More | B&H

Cold weather photography has many challenges, including shorter days, low temperatures, snow, ice, and wind. If you plan on shooting in the cold, be prepared!

Appropriate clothing is a must. Choose warm, water-resistant materials. A good hat and gloves are a must.

Use the right camera gear. Some cameras have waterproof construction. For example, the Panasonic GH5 and Sony A7r III have a complete, weather-sealed build. And although they don’t have full cold-proof construction, their magnesium-alloy bodies perform well in the cold.

A camera bag is also very important. They offer padding, protection, and insulation from the elements in addition to making transporting your gear easier. Couple a camera bag with a waterproof backpack for added protection.

Carbon fiber tripods are ideal for cold weather shooting. The material doesn’t get as cold as metal, allowing you to adjust it without gloves if needed

We recommend using a lens with manual focusing since they don’t rely on autofocus motors which can freeze up.

Keep your batteries warm. Camera batteries die much quicker in the cold. Keep your batteries closer to your body and tucked in a warm, inner layer for longer life.

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