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deadmau5 – The Halloween Mix


0:00 – Moar Ghosts n Stuff (Hard Intro Mix 2011)
5:08 – Phantoms Cant Hang
13:40 – Slip
18:10 – Three Pound Chicken Wing
22:10 – Cthulu Sleeps
28:26 – Some Chords (w/ Ghosts N Stuff vocals)
35:35 – Jaded
38:58 – Somewhere Up Here
42:22 – Acedia
48:33 – My Pet Coelacanth (The Longest Road Edit)
55:03 – October (w/ Raise Your Weapon vocals)
57:57 – Raise Your Weapon (Ft. Greta Svabo Bech)
59:23 – Sofi Needs A Ladder (Ft. Sofi)
1:02:20 – Superliminal
1:05:50 – FML
1:12:12 – Polaris
1:21:10 – Imaginary Friends

It’s time to step things up a notch, I present to you: The Halloween Mix! Contrary to my previous mix’s focusing on deadmau5’s chill tracks, this one leans more towards the “darker” spectrum of his music. In other words, perfect for the Halloween season.

I have also been listening to feedback in the comment section, trying my very best to match not only the bpm of the tracks but also the key. As a result, I believe this is my absolute best deadmau5 mix to date.

Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!

MixCloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/haldor-asheim/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/haldor-asheim/

I also do photography: https://instagram.com/haldorasheim/

Photo by: Danny Mahoney

Leave a like if you enjoyed, who knows… maybe I’ll make another one.

© deadmau5 – mau5trap Records

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