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Disney Horror Show Fingerprints Photography Halloween 2017

Fingerprints Photography’s The Disney Horror Show!

An exclusive behind the scenes collection of footage from shooting Fingerprints Photography’s The Disney Horror Show 2017! Huge thank you to everyone who partook in this project! Was such an incredible year! x

Models: Madison Smith, Melissa Douglas, Christel Christel Rue Thompson, Robert J. McDonough, Erin Hatfield, Amber Prasopoulos, Liz Chapleau, Kandice Kuczora, Lulu Hamilton, Katy Hamilton, Trystian Amedee Jones, George Eix, Shane McDade, Will Senak, Jake Wlas, Teddy Prasopoulos, Camie Elaine Dudziak, Tara McIvor, Julia Nagel, Peyton Schmit, Rosalie Glynn, Haley Watson, Grayson Ryan, Andrew Mancini, Morgan Londo, Nathan Melinda Jim Nowak, Kate Nelson, Alexa Carbone, Rebecca Surroz, & Maddie Hill.

MUAH: Erin Hatfield, Mandy Finger, Amber Prasopoulos & Emily Finger.

Photographer: Emily Finger
Videographer: Emily Finger, Nathan Nowak, & a little bit of everyone.

Website – http://www.fingerprintsphotography.info
Instagram – http://instagram.com/fingerprintsphot…
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/fingerprints…

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Song: “Copycat – Sofi Tukker Remix” – Billie Eiish, Sofi Tukker

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