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Fine Art Photography: Tips by Huntington Witherill

http://www.silberstudios.tv Fine art photographer Huntington Witherill joins us today on the Marc Silber show to share tips about photography and his views on the process as a whole. He reminds us that it is important to focus on the process of being the photographer rather than constantly looking to get the next photograph or image.

A passion for the medium is one of the most important components—being engaged and passionate about anything takes a lot of patience, persistence and hard work. Huntington also advises people to get rid of preconceptions when going out to a location to shoot photos. It’s easy to carry a preconceived idea when you’re going to a specific place, but you might happen upon something completely different that creates an amazing photo. As for practical tips, he believes that 2D design classes are helpful for visualizing composition for photographs. Learning how to arrange forms and lines is useful for creating balance and a sense of purpose in a photograph.

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0:00 – Introduction by Huntington Witherill
0:58 – Huntington’s Approach to Photography
1:35 – Passion as a Photographer
1:56 – Preparing for a Shoot
3:40 – Critique Your Own Work
4:26 – Raising the Bar
5:09 – Practical Tips
6:46 – Three Keys to a Successful Photo
7:27 – Natural Lighting Tips
8:30 – Final Tips & Advice

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