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Food photography for beginners – a digital food photography tutorial

How do you take the best food photos? What are some tips for making your food look great?

Great food photography is not about having the best camera for food photography, it’s about basic principles we share in this video.

Easy Camera Lessons and the Easy Camera Community is for beginners just starting out their photography journey. Everyone has a unique view of the world and their own story tell. We want to help you tell it, even if you shoot on auto!

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Hi Photographers!

Welcome to Easy Camera Lessons. We’ve designed these tips to help you with your everyday photography, with the things that you love to photograph.

So today we’re going to go down to a local restaurant and talk about food photography and ways that you can take better food photos.

Wherever you live in the world, food is really important and when we take photos of food we really want to do it justice and make it look as good as it tastes.

One of the first things we want to do when we walk into a restaurant where we might want to take photos is we have to look for the spot with the best light. By a window is perfect, it really makes all the colours come out and it makes the food look nice and soft. It’s best to avoid really harsh down light, like halogens or anything that’s really hard light because it throws a lot of shadow and makes the food look not so attractive.

Another technique that can be a really cool way to make a great photo, and you’ve probably seen it a lot of times before but you may not have realised how it’s done, is to, if we’re photographing from this way, is to put our dish in the foreground and in the background, this far away, we can have maybe a cup, or… actually we’ll put that there. In the foreground we’ve got the dish and in the background we’ve got something like a cup, or a wine glass, or something just sitting back behind the plate and what that actually does is gives depth to the photograph, but it also sort of tells a little story.

Another thing that we’re going to be looking at when we photograph food is what is the best part of the dish. As we turn this dish around, this dish is about beef and there’s a big chunk of beef here, and a lovely lime. These things here you would sort of call them your heroes. You want to put the things that are the hero of the dish somewhere really up front in the photo.

Thank you so much for joining us today.

We’re really enjoying the conversation with photographers from all around the world. If you want to include your food photography in the feed in Instagram, tag it #ECLfood and all the other photographers will be able to see it and comment and share their photos with you.

And also we’ve written a blog about today so we cover all the points we’ve covered in the video and you can read through it and that’s at EasyCameraLessons.com.

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Thanks for joining us today! See you next time.

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