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GoPro HERO8 (Under)water Photography Tips & Tricks

I show you some GoPro Hero 8 photography tips and tricks!

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In this video I show you some GoPro Hero 8 (under)water photography tips and tricks. I also show you how I edit my GoPro photos in Lightroom with presets.

Underwater Selfie:
To take great underwater selfies with your GoPro Hero 8 Black you need to keep in mind 3 things related to GoPro photography: First of all, you need to take your GoPro Hero 8 photos in shallow or very clear water. Second, don’t swirl up sand as you see that very well on your GoPro Hero 8 pictures. And third, take those GoPro photos while the sun is shining to get the best GoPro Hero 8 photo possible.

Sometimes you have only one chance with your GoPro Hero 8 to capture a moment. If you decided to film that moment, you can still get some photos if you later take screenshots of your GoPro Hero 8 Black video. Just make sure that you film in 4K. This GoPro Hero 8 photography trick works for all kind of GoPro videos.

Deep Dive Sand:
This GoPro Hero 8 photography tip works great for places where you have a sandy ground underwater. Dive down to the bottom and hit every 1m your GoPro on the ground to swirl up sand. Like that you get in your GoPro photos a cloud made out of sand, which looks really cool in GoPro pictures.

To get cool GoPro Hero 8 photos in the air while jumping it is necessary to know the right settings. That’s actually always important to step up your GoPro photography skills. Set your GoPro Hero 8 Black to the burst mode with 30 pictures per 1 second. You also need to turn your timer on. Then just wait until the GoPro Hero 8 is about to take those serial pictures and then you have to jump. You probably have to repeat the jump a few times until you get a good GoPro photo but it’s worth it!

With a dome you can step up your GoPro photography skills quite a bit. I show you in the video all photography tips and tricks you need to know for your GoPro Hero 8 Black and also the 7 Black, as not a lot of domes are available for the GoPro Hero 8 Black.

Deep Dive:
For this last GoPro Hero 8 photography trick you need to dive as deep as possible while the sun is directly behind you. Like that you get a huge contrast between you, the water and the sun. After editing the GoPro Hero 8 photo in Lightroom your GoPro photo should look even better as straight out of camera.

I edited all my GoPro Hero 8 Black photos in Lightroom with presets. Presets are a good way to color correct and grade your GoPro Hero 8 photos fast and it’s also a great way to learn how to edit GoPro photos in Lightroom. In case you would like to check out the presets I used click on this link: http://bit.ly/GoProPresets (they are included in my GoPro Filmmaking Course too)

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