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Halloween Inspired Three Light Beauty Portrait Tutorial – Studio Lighting Tutorial – The Last Frame

This is a fun beauty portrait that I did for Halloween a few years back. I created this studio lighting tutorial using three monolights and some colored gels. This shot is about the makeup and the amazing amount of detail that was involved in it. We took a cheap Halloween wig and cut the bangs and then added some sheer black material wrapped around the models head and shoulders.

The studio lighting setup is simple. In front of the model, I have two of my DIY Fluorescent strip lights with the T8 bulbs setup in a sideways clamshell lighting arrangement. These are placed equal distance on each side of her face. My model is seated on a posing stool and behind her i have a 150ws strobe with a 7” reflector and a deep orange gel aimed right back at the camera. This light creates the orange glow in the black material.

The model is a few feet in front of a black background. There is no need to light the background – I want it to go completely black. Once we were ready to shoot, I realized that I didn’t want to see her neck and shoulder so we added a piece of black velour material around her neck and as always, I shot several variations of the shot in both horizontal and vertical formats before I settled on my preferred angle and composition.

This shot portrait made with an 85mm f/1.8 lens set at f/6.3 The shutter speed was 1/125th of a second and the ISO was 200. The higher than base ISO was because the primary light for the shot was the continuous fluorescents and not a strobe.

The final image required very little post production beyond the usual color, contrast and sharpening and of course removing of blemishes – I say this just as reminder of the importance of great hair and makeup.

set.a.light 3D by Elixxier Software GmbH http://www.elixxier.com/
DIY Fluorescent Kino Flo style lights: https://youtu.be/OBPDSBCoN2c


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FTC – set.a.light 3D software was supplied to me by Elixxier Software GmbH. No payment was received for making this video and all opinions are my own.
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