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Halloween Photo Shoot – The Apparition

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Thank you, everyone, for all the support of this video. I’ve been involved with media (photography, video, content creation, writing, journalism) since 2007. It’s amazing how you can use one video (like this one) or a picture or an article and shift the mind of many changing cultures. I hope I can do my part to inform, improve media, and shift culture in a positive way.

Description for video:

Behind the scenes with Classic8 Photography aka Michelle Dione and the wonder model Heather Garland Skittles Modeling for a Aberration or ghost as most say, photo shoot. Learn how we made the dress and even got the dress. Watch the shoot in progress even as people yell at each other in the background. Watch us stab a dress with a vengeance. Fun stuff!

Michelle did Heathers make up very simply using cheap Halloween make up pallet with white on face, neck, shoulders and chest. Grey under cheek bones and dark eye shadow. Gelled hair and made it messy. When we ran out of fake blood so we improvised mixing BBQ sauce and hot sauce. Finished Heather off with a dust of flour over her face and shoulders.

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