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Halloween Super Sale Promotional – Pet Holiday Photography for beginner

PUParazzi School’s Holiday Course is a recorded course, consisting of 30+ instructional videos ranging from 2-5min . In addition, when you join the Holiday Course, you will get two weeks of FREE access to the
Puparazzi VIP Group where you can post your questions and photos, and attend the live Q&A sessions with Vasi’s guidance and direct feedback on how you can improve your pictures for the holidays.
With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about holiday cards, family photos, and personalized gifts for loved ones.
Sign up: https://holidays.petpixacademy.com

Do you want to take your own professional looking photos for the holidays, but you are wondering where to start? If you do, then our Holiday Class would be the ideal class for you to learn everything you need to know FAST and be supported by our professional photographer Vasi while you are learning. Vasi will show you step by step process from how to come up with the idea for the photoshoot, how to execute it, how to select your photos, edit them and order your holiday cards and photo gifts.
With the Holiday Class, Vasi is going to help you and share her professional secrets from:
How to capture the attention of your furry kids
Posing for People and Pets
How to do all the editing MAGIC

With the Holiday Class,
Vasi is going to help you and share her professional secrets from how to capture the attention of your furry kids, how to pose if you decide to be in the picture, or even if you don’t want to be in the pictures, how to do all the magic. Would you like to learn how to add digital snow to your pictures and make them look really special?
Plus you will learn how to order your holiday gifts and your cards. Think of the money you will be saving to hire a professional photographer.

What Vasi is teaching you will be a lifetime skill, and its true value will transpire the holiday season and stay with you forever.

Sign up: https://holidays.petpixacademy.com

Vasi is an award-winning lifestyle photographer, located in South Florida, specializing in pet photography. She has always had a passion for capturing timeless moments and creating memories, some might even say it is in her genes since Vasi is a third-generation photographer. She holds two photography degrees, is on the board of Professional Photography Guild of the Palm Beaches, and has been appointed a delegate of the Florida Professional Photographers organization. Vasi is passionate about sharing her skills, knowledge and passion in order to make a difference in the world.

Photographed over 10,000 pets including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.
Won numerous first place awards in statewide professional photography competitions​
​Trained multiple professional photographers in the art of pet photography
​Sold over 200 pet portraits to animal facilities such as pet spas, doggy day cares, and training locations all over the US
​Volunteers time at local rescue organizations photographing animals to help them get adopted by forever families
Helped local business owners elevate and convert their pet businesses to luxury facilities through photography

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