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How to make the background out of Focus? I Photography tips in Tamil

How to make the background blurred in a portrait photo?

Some times you want only something (one plane) sharp in the photo and get the other planes out of focus. To get the background defocused in a portrait we can try the following,

1. Use wider apertures like f/1.2 or f/1.4
2. Use long lenses 100mm and above
3. Shoot from a closer distance.
4. Try using full frame sensor cameras

In all these cases, keep the focus at the point of interest. While shooting individual portrait keep the focus on the eyes. This is because the eye is approximately at a 1/3rd distance of the face from the camera/lens axis.
The reason to focus at 1/3rd is that the DOF in any scenario is not spreading equally from the point of focus. It spreads two times more at the back than the front.

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