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How to photograph a live gig. take better photos in low light at gigs and events

This week I went to a local gig to see my new favourite band, Lazybones play for halloween. As with most gigs, the lighting was very poor for photography so it was a real challenge taking pictures in low light. This got me thinking so i decided to put together my tips for better low light photography and especially centred around taking better pictures of gigs, live performances and bands. Good band photography can really make a difference for the band so getting it right is essential for any photographer!

I hope my tips help you take better photos at gigs and events and take better pictures in low light!

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon!

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===== Cameras & Lenses =====
A camera – Sony A7iii – https://geni.us/8CId
B Camera – Sony a6400 – https://geni.us/tmdB
Favourite “youtube” studio lens – https://geni.us/h0BL
Portrait lens – https://geni.us/DXPA
Beastly Macro lens – https://geni.us/bAbNH
Best vlogging lens – https://geni.us/As6u

===== Lighting =====
Key light – https://geni.us/HgbT
Light dome for key light light – https://geni.us/ClNfwpG
LED panel – https://geni.us/ndqb0vx
small/travel light – https://geni.us/QZZy
Light dome for key light – https://geni.us/ClNfwpG

===== Audio =====
Shotgun mic – https://geni.us/kY01
Lav mic – https://geni.us/wp6IoR9
Vlog mic – https://geni.us/i0dA
Audio recorder – https://geni.us/iXC08

===== Grips and misc =====
Drone – https://geni.us/vX1deUQ
Gimbal – https://geni.us/6wFA

The above links are affiliate links. I make a small fee at no cost to you, if you purchase an item after visiting these links. This helps support my channel so I can continue to create content.

All the music used on my channel comes from this super cool website. Great for YouTube creators! – http://www.epidemicsound.com/

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