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How to Shoot Light & Airy Portraits // Outdoor Natural Light Photography Tips

7 tips for shooting outdoor natural light portraits in a ‘Light and Airy’ photography style (without losing highlight details).
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▷ Part 2: ‘How to EDIT for the Light and Airy Look’ with a walkthrough of my Lightroom editing process for portrait, engagement and wedding photography.


ABOUT THIS VIDEO: The light and airy photography style is a popular editing style for portraits and wedding photography, and is the style I gravitate towards in my work! So I often get asked how to edit for this look. I’ve shared a few photography tutorials breaking down my portrait editing process in Lightroom. But before diving into editing – even more important is thinking about how to photograph specifically for this look. That’s what I share in this video! We talk about how to shoot, choose your backgrounds, pose your subject in relation to the light, camera settings & how to avoid the #1 mistake beginning photographers make with this look (Hint: overexposing highlights) – all to achieve that beautiful clean, light and airy look we (and our clients) love so much!


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