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How To Take Better Photos – 5 Photography Tips I WISH I Knew Earlier

Want to become better at fashion & portrait photography?

Today I’m sharing 5 photography tips that I wish I knew earlier to INSTANTLY up your photo game! No extra equipment needed, just a little bit of your time. 5 minutes, 5 tips.

It doesn’t matter what camera you have, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, once you start implementing some of these photography tips while shooting, you will rapidly become a better photographer.

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Lighting in a photo is EVERYTHING. Learning the fundamentals of lighting is so important in making sure you can take great photos. Whether you’re working with natural light, continuous light or strobes, there are so many ways to manipulate this lighting, get it to work in your favour and up your photo game 100%. Starting with one light can be a great way to learn the effect that light has, you can then begin to experiment, moving it around to see how it changes your subject and your scene. Try lighting from a 45 degree angle for the traditional “Rembrandt” style, overhead lighting or light from below. But lighting isn’t always about brightness, it’s also about shadows. So knowing how to remove light and create flattering shadows on a subject is also very important.

Adding movement to a photo can really make it pop out the screen. Whether it be some wind to the hair or a flowy dress, making your subject step back and forth, even if it’s something moving in the background – those subtle details can really elevate the photo and bring it to life.

Change your camera settings to capture RAW files. This allows your camera to capture a bigger file with more information which will allow you to further manipulate the image in Lightroom or Capture One. The image will be higher quality as it’s not a compressed JPEG file and
you can also adjust white balance and fix issues with exposure.

Think about why you’re taking the photo. What emotion are you trying to convey? What message are you trying to send? Come up with a concept or vibe and create a moodboard around it so you can share this with your subject. This will really help you to create great images that make more of an impact.

You can take photos by yourself, but creating iconic imagery requires a team. Try to connect with other creatives through Instagram, for a fashion shoot it’s essential to have a stylist, hair & makeup but you might also be able to find creative directors, set designers etc. that you could share ideas with and help take your work to the next level.

Enjoy the process, let your creativity run free and try to put a piece of you, your vision and perspective into every shoot.

Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 24-70mm f2.8

Photos edited in Capture One 20 & Adobe Photoshop

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