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How To Take Candid Street Photos [Street Photography Tips For Introverts]

Tips and methods teaching how to take candid street photos of strangers without being intrusive or getting into trouble.

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0:00 Intro
0:53 My only bad experience
1:04 Street photography is a skill
1:37 Tip 1: Touristy areas
2:14 The time I got yelled at
2:49 Tip 2: Anticipate

3:57 Continue shooting past people
4:28 What triggers people
4:48 Tip 3: Fake video
6:46 Tip 4: Smile πŸ˜€
7:55 Tip 5: Shoot in difficult weather
8:38 Tip 6: Things to avoid
9:30 Pro Gamer Bonus Tip
9:58 Common reactions

So how can you learn how to take street photos as beginner?

Doing candid street photography is admittedly pretty unusual, and in some places its even more frowned upon than others. So therefore if you are introverted and/or a bit shy, it can be daunting to get started. How do you avoid negative interactions while doing street photography while still being able to get closeup shots of people?

Street photography is a skill just like any other so the social aspects of it can be learned with practice.

In a nutshell, you can:

1.) If you’re a beginner, start in a touristy area of town.
2.) Anticipate your shots and let the subjects come to you.
3.) Pretend you’re shooting a travel video or doing something else.
4.) Shoot in the rain when people are distracted.
5.) Smile and be as friendly as possible.
6.) Use common sense, don’t photograph people who don’t want to be photographed.


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