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How To Use The iPhone 12 Mini Camera Tips & Tutorial

Here is the tutorial on how to use the iPhone 12 Mini Camera with iPhone 12 Mini camera tips such as, how to mirror the iPhone front camera, how to turn off HDR video and how to use Portrait Mode. This is a full iPhone 12 Mini camera tutorial that is about 30 minutes long.

If you would like to skip ahead use the iPhone Mini tutorial chapters located below.
Chapters & Time Stamps
00:00 How To Use iPhone Mini Camera Tips Intro
00:22 iPhone Camera Basics
01:26 How To Take and Edit Photos
03:15 Auto focus and Focus Lock
04:04 Quick Take Video & Burst Photos
04:39 How To Access Photo Options
05:36 Enable Flash and Live Photos Tutorial
07:38 How to take different sized pictures iPhone
08:02 Set a Timer and Add Live Filters
08:57 iPhone 12 Mini Portrait Mode Tutorial
13:15 Panoramic Photos Tutorial
13:15 iPhone 12 Mini Video Tutorial
15:13 Slow Motion Video
16:30 Time Lapse Videos
17:00 iPhone 12 Mini Front Facing Camera Tutorial
17:57 Night Mode Explained
18:52 iPhone 12 Mini Camera Tips
19:18 iPhone 12 Mini Camera Settings
20:27 – Set 4K Video and Turn Off HDR Video
24:16 How to Mirror Front Camera iPhone 12 Mini

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