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Jessica Kobeissi’s Easy Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

Great portrait photography requires great lighting—and during golden hour, you’ll find it just by stepping outside. In this video, photographer Jessica Kobeissi shares how to make the most of that late-afternoon natural light, whether you’re angling a reflector or crafting a backlit photo. You’ll also learn how to scout locations, pose striking shots, and make on-the-fly camera adjustments. Find more outdoor photoshoot techniques in ‘Portrait Photography: Shoot & Edit Instagram-Worthy Shots,’ Jessica’s full class on Skillshare: http://skl.sh/2O13XHj


00:00 Introduction
00:25 Lighting and Location: The Best Time and Place to Shoot
01:02 Shot List: Head Shot, Full Body, and Waist-Up
02:22 Movement Shots
04:28 Seated Portraits
05:05 Refining and Making Adjustments
07:15 Lighting: Using a Reflector
08:47 Setting Up A Portrait
09:33 Portrait Shots
11:10 Using Test Shots to Gauge Your Lighting
11:50 Backlit Shots
13:06 Expanding on Your Best Poses or Shots
14:02 Conclusion



Millions of aspiring portrait and fashion photographers have joined Jessica Kobeissi on her popular YouTube channel, where she shares how the world of photography works. Now, she’s giving an exclusive look into her creative process with a hands-on class that takes students from the first idea to the final photo. You’ll start with the planning process: scouting locations, choosing your equipment, and preparing to style your subject. Then, you’ll head outside to capture two different looks and locations as Kobeissi offers practical advice on making your subject feel comfortable and confident, whether they’re a professional model or a friend. You’ll also learn how to master every aspect of capturing beautiful photos, including:

• Choosing colors, clothes, and props to create unique, expressive looks
• Posing your subject to get the most flattering and interesting angles
• Harnessing the power of natural light, from harsh sun to the “magic hour”
• Selecting, editing, and retouching your favorite shots in Photoshop

Plus, Jessica opens up about her journey as a self-taught photographer, sharing tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the equipment and locations you have access to. Her fun, easygoing approach will instantly make you feel like you’re hanging out with an old friend. In just 90 minutes, you’re sure to be less intimidated by the photoshoot process, more confident in your abilities, and ready to develop your own unique style. Plus, you’ll have a stunning portrait ready to post, print, or publish.



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Jessica Kobeissi is a Lebanese-American photographer from Detroit, Michigan. She works as a portrait and fashion photographer in addition to creating digital content on her YouTube channel, where she’s been behind such popular viral photography series as “Four Photographers Shoot The Same Model” and “Taking Pictures of Strangers.” With more than 120 million views, she is the top female photographer on YouTube, and her photography has appeared in publications such as NBC News, BBC, CNN, Cosmopolitan, The Sun, Buzzfeed, DailyMail, and more.



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