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Landscape Photography Tips & Techniques | Winter Freeze

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In this video I venture out on a very rare sub-zero morning to be greeted by the most breathtking hoar frost. I take full advantage and photograph as much as I can, sharing tips and techniques along the way. This video is different to my usual landscape photography videos as I take many more images.

Image 1 – ‘Winter Layers’ | 57mm | 1/8 sec | f5.6 | ISO 100
Image 2 – ‘Untited’ | 131mm | 1/13 sec | f5.6 | ISO 100
Image 3 – ‘Winter’s Grip’ | 38mm | 1/10 sec | f11 | ISO 100
Image 4 – ‘Untitled’ | 70mm | 1/60 sec | f3.5 | ISO 100
Image 5 – ‘Untited’ | 70mm | 1/50 sec | f3.5 | ISO 100
Image 6 – ‘Hidden Corners’ | 70mm | 1/80 sec | f3.5 | ISO 100
Image 7 – ‘The Star of the Show’ | 94mm | 1/50 sec | f11 | ISO 100

**Music Used**
Intimate And Sparse 2 – Jonas Elander
Morning Drive 2 – Peter Sandberg
Ripples – Peter Sandberg
Talking Trees 1 – Robin Ahnlund

All Downloaded from Here: https://goo.gl/DGwrJE
*This is an affiliate link. Be very aware that if you choose to use this link to sign up with Epidemic, whom I have used for over 2 years, I will get a cheeky commision. xx

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Below is most of my kit used on this trip. These links will take you to Amazon where you can read more. Please be aware that if you choose to purchase any of this kit I may get a commission of 3% from Amazon šŸ™‚ **Not my reason for doing the video, but feel obliged to let you all know** Peace.

For a more comprehensive kit list & why I use each piece of gear, please check out this blog post: http://bit.ly/tomsgear

Canon G5X – http://geni.us/CanG5X
Lacie Rugged Hard Drive – http://geni.us/Rugged
LowePro Bag – http://geni.us/ProTactic
Manfrotto Bag – http://geni.us/OffRoad
Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 Tripod (New Version here) – http://geni.us/ManfrottoTripod
Arca Swiss Manfrotto Ball Head – http://geni.us/c9eN
My ā€œLā€ Bracket – http://geni.us/LBracket
Lee Field Pouch – http://geni.us/LeePouch
Lee Foundation Holder – http://geni.us/wKWK
Lee Polariser – http://geni.us/LeePol
Polariser Adaper Ring – http://geni.us/LeeAdapt
Lee MEDIUM Grads – http://geni.us/MedGrad
Lee Lens Caps – http://geni.us/LensCaps
Plug Bug – http://geni.us/PlugBug
G5X/G7X USB Charger – http://geni.us/G7XUSB
5D USB Charger – http://geni.us/5DUSB
GoPro Hero 4 Silver – http://geni.us/Hero4S
GoPro 3 Way Mount – http://geni.us/Mount
Gorillapod – http://geni.us/Gorilla
Audio Recorder – http://geni.us/AudioRec
Rycote Wind Jammer – http://geni.us/WindJam
Mic – http://geni.us/RodeLav
I also needed an adapter for the Lav Mic – http://geni.us/Adapter
Leatherman Skeletool – http://geni.us/Tool

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