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Minimalist Product Photography Tips – No. 3 Is A Must Try!

This video was made in collaboration with other amazing Micro Four Thirds YouTubers discussing a similar theme – Product Photography at Home. I was proud to be invited and be able to participate in this joint effort and please do check out all the other amazing videos done by other Micro Four Thirds content creators as listed below:
Matti Sulanto: https://youtu.be/bqz94mqPY0g
Rob Trek: https://youtu.be/HJvGXk84CeY
Peter Forsgård: https://youtu.be/I7iNEFRiFBM
Jimmy Cheng (Red35): Video Coming Soon
I am sure every one has something unique and useful to contribute to this cross-over discussion and I
hope that you like my minimalist approach in shooting products at home!

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Music in video:
Bloome – Traveller

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