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MY 10 FAVORITE Tips For TELEPHOTO Landscape Photography

In this new video I share my favorite tips for using a Telephoto lens for Landscape Photography. In this video I share technical tips, creative tips and share examples. I hope you all enjoy the video!

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0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Tip 1: Try it in less then ideal conditions and isolate the subject from the sky
1:47 – Tip 2: Simplify the scene by zooming in
2:42 – Tip 3: fill the frame with your subject and create intimate shots
3:36 – Tip 4: Use a shutter release or timer for long exposures
3:58 – Tip 5: Turn optical stabilization off for long exposures
4:18 – Tip 6: Shield from the wind for long exposures
5:17 – Tip 7: Try shooting and scouting handheld
6:11 – Tip 8: Use a high shutterspeed when shooting handheld
7:07 – Tip 9: Use depth of field as a creative tool
7:48 – Tip 10: Practice and have fun!

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