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Photography for Beginners – Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, a…

In this novice oriented Sony A6400 tutorial I will certainly be looking at the basics of Direct exposure as well as from that endeavor right into Aperture Concern Setting, Shutter Top Priority Setting, Guidebook Setting, and also Light bulb Setting. Video clip navigating web links listed below and also complete short article Right here: https://www.sonyalphalab.com/sony-a6400-tutorial-aperture-shutter-speed-manual-mode-and-bulb-mode-explained/

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Video Clip Navigation Links:

– Intro: 0:06
– Exposure Triangle: 0:42
– Aperture Priority Mode: 6:22
– Shutter Aperture Priority Mode: 11:33
– Manual Mode: 15:30
– Bulb Mode: 22:40

My Full A6400 Review with lots of Sample Photos as well as More is Here: https://www.sonyalphalab.com/my-sony-a6400-review-real-world-content-creators-perspective/

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