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Photography for Beginners – How to get Background Blur – Aperture Tutorial 📷 DIY in 5 Ep 30

How do you get the background blur effect with your DSLR camera? You adjust the aperture to a low f-stop. This is also known as a shallow depth of field effect. Aperture is like the camera’s pupil. The more open it is the more light is let in. Consequently this controls how in-focus the background looks compared to the foreground. A lower f-stop like f2.8 will give you a shallow depth of field or a blurry background and in-focus foreground or subject. A higher f-stop like f8 will bring the entire frame into focus. All lenses have maximum and minimum f-stops they can achieve. In general the consumer grade lenses have higher f-stop ratings than professional lenses. We suggest you use http://borrowlenses.com or http://lensrentals.com so you can find the lens that fits your need before spending down hundreds or thousands of dollars to own it. These are great photography for beginners tips.

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