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Photography Tips and Tricks With BJ Pascual | Camille Co

We’ve got the one and only BJ Pascual, one of my personal favorite photographers of all time, right here–answering all of your questions about photography. The best camera? Most affordable camera? How to shoot awesome pics with your phone? ALL OF THEM, ANSWERED.

1:22 What kind of camera do you recommend for good quality photos on a student budget?
3:01 What’s the best mirrorless camera for non-pro? Also best dslr and prime lens for non-pro?
3:51 What’s the best camera for you?
5:20 Is expensive camera equivalent to quality photos?
6:49 Lens for starters? How about the best budget lens with the lowest aperture?
8:44 What specs should you pay attention to in looking for a good camera?
9:25 What camera settings do you use or recommend?
11:31 How can newbies learn aperture, shutter, and ISO fast?
14:33 How can I shoot amazing photos with just my phone?
15:21 Do you employ different styles of shooting when you’re just using your phone and not your pro camera?
16:26 How do you shoot moving subjects?
17:16 How to upload HD photos on IG and FB without losing quality?
18:30 Best photo editing apps?
18:53 What is the best editing softwares for beginners and how is your editing process like?
21:42 Which photo filters would you recommend?
22:13 How can you get that brightness when you are shooting against the light? Like against the beach for example.
24:24 How do you know if it’s the best spot to take a photo? What kind of places do you like to take photos at?
25:02 Best time to shoot outdoors?
26:00 How can you get a great photo without all the tools if you’re in low light or in a dark room or lighting is really bad?
27:30 How do you edit night photos so the quality is still good?
27:55 How do you decide on how to frame a photo? Especially when there’s a subject with a scenic background?
29:56 How to shoot and pose to make the subject look taller? How about slimmer?
32:06 How to make your neck look longer and slimmer in photos?
32:40 How to politely direct a pasaway model who doesn’t get the output?
35:47 How can I be less awkward in posing?
37:55 How can I start getting clients as a photographer
40:54 What’s your favorite photography tip/trick?
42:50 How to be a BJ Pascual?


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