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PIPER ROCKELLE & PRESSLEY HOSBACH: Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

Hey there Sparkle Squad! 💫 Welcome back to our channel! We had the best day with Piper Rockelle and Pressley Hosbach getting ready for the Petite ‘n Pretty Summer Photoshoot! 🎒 We loved having them at the Petite ‘n Pretty headquarters, it was so much fun!

Some of their favorite Petite ‘n Pretty products are our new TropiCali Eyeshadow Palette with the adorable Beverly Hills inspired design. Did you know that all of our packaging in our brand is inspired by Beverly Hills? 🌴

We want to hear from you in the COMMENTS DOWN BELOW what your favorite back to school makeup product is



🛍 If you liked any of the Petite ‘n Pretty products mentioned in the video, please see the links below:

TROPICALI Eyeshadow Palette

All Petite ’n Pretty makeup pediatrician- and dermatologist-approved with ophthalmologist-approved eyeshadows.

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Who we are | Petite ‘n Pretty:
Petite ‘n Pretty is a Beverly Hills based, cruelty-free, prestige beauty brand on a mission to empower children, tweens and teens [Young Creatives] to sparkle outside the lines while exploring, expressing and embracing individuality with products developed just for them. With high-quality ingredients, age-appropriate make-up shades and tools designed for growing features, Petite ‘n Pretty takes beauty (and fun) seriously. The brand sparks the imagination of the influencers of tomorrow while encouraging the next generation to redefine pretty as an inclusive feeling that is inside us all and prove that children, tweens and teens, although petite should never be underestimated. Introducing a new essential category in beauty, Petite ‘n Pretty is here to make everyone’s first beauty experience a positive moment that will stay with them throughout their journey.

About Piper Rockelle:
Piper Rockelle is a girl living her dream in Hollywood. On her channel you will find entertainment, family, fun, love, and good vibes. She also loves doing crazy challenges, boyfriend challenges, crush challenges, 24 hour challenges, last to challenges, and more. She also does DIYs, tutorials, make up, instagram videos and Tik Tok.

About Pressley Hosbach:
Pressley Hosbach is most known for her appearence on Season 8 of Dance Moms with Abby Lee Miller. In 2020, she was cast as the character, Roxie, on Brat TV’s show “Stage Fright.” She posts a lot on her Instagram Page – which includes a lot of tween and teen fashion trends, makeup, and of course, dancing.

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