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Practical Food Photography Tips – Do What You Have To Do To Get The Shot!

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Food photography should be casual, easy and fun! Everyone should be able to do it, whether you are shooting with your smartphones, or using dedicated cameras, here are some quick and easy tips to take your food shots to the next level. I am sharing practical and effective tips during execution, shooting with a longer focal length to manage perspective distortion, and having the food look more proportionate, utilizing shallow depth of field to isolate the subjects, and of course, pay attention to the lighting which is the most important factor! A lot of these are simple and logical approach to food photography even professionals use, but I am sharing from an enthusiast’s point of view, shooting food when you dine in a fancy cafe or restaurant.
0:00 Intro
0:11 Image Reel 1
0:32 Dislcaimers
1:03 Tip 1 – Use Window Light
2:24 Image Reel 2
2:46 Tip 2 – Use Longer Lens
4:16 Image Reel 3
4:37 Tip 3 – Do What You Have To Do To Get The Shots
6:06 Image Reel 4
6:28 Tip 4 – Sufficient Depth of Field
7:25 Tip 5 – Go Close
8:23 Image Reel 5
8:45 Food Photography as a Lifestyle
9:45 Conclusion/END

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