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Pro Landscape Photography Tips from Tom Archer

We have been lucky enough to get an interview with Pro Landscape Photographer Tom Archer. Tom will be sharing his Landscape Photography tips and techniques tips to help you budding photographers improve your Landscape Photos. He tells us the story behind some of his best pictures and we’re are going to be talking about his winning photograph at this year’s Astronomy Photography of the Year award.

Here’s what we discussed and the timestamps to help you find the answers in the video:
00:50 – About Tom Archer
02:30 – Toms Journey / How did you get into photography?
05:10 – Story behind the Dubai Road shot?
07:30 – Thoughts about Photoshop manipulation?
10:00 – What type of photographer are you?
14:00 – The story behind the Astronomy photography of the year award-winning shot?
18:00 – What photography kit do you use?
19:28 – Story behind the sheep in the Faroe Islands photograph?
23:38 – Do you use filters?
24:50 – What is photography to you?
27:12 – Story behind the Hot air balloon shot?
30:40 – Do you use presets?
31:40 – A week in the life of a professional photographer?
34:40 – How has Covid-19 affected you?
36:27 – Story behind the Glow Worm Cave shot?
41:18 – What advice would you give yourself as a starting photographer?
42:25 – How to grow your Instagram.

Check out more of Tom’s work here:

Instagram – @tomarcherphoto https://www.instagram.com/tomarcherphoto/
Facebook – Tom Archer Photo https://www.facebook.com/tomarcherphotography
YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfnWnAJWU1EuNmBC7HD229g
Website – http://www.tomarcherphoto.co.uk https://www.tom-archer.com

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