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Real Estate Photography Tutorial For Beginners

In this real estate photography tutorial, I’m going to talk through all the crucial elements that go into effectively shooting a property from start to finish. This real estate photography tutorial is perfect for beginners as it showcases easy-to-understand tricks.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:38 – Step 1 – What Camera And Tripod To Buy
02:16 – Step 2 – What Camera Settings To Use
03:06 – Step 3 – How To Prepare The Property
03:58 – Step 4 – How To Shoot The Property
05:07 – Step 5 – How To Get Your Images Edited Professionally
06:03 – Conclusion + Free Offer

✅ Camera gear I recommend
👉 Nikon D7500
👉 Nikon SB-5000 Flash
👉 Nikon DX AF-S 10-24mm f3.5 lens

✅ If you want to know which camera I use with all the settings, go here:

✅ How To Shoot Real Estate With An iPhone 11

✅ What Camera Settings Should You Use
Set your ISO to 100 which will allow you to capture the highest quality of image. I also recommend shooting in Aperture priority with the aperture set at f8 or above to ensure a sharp image every time.

Always be sure to shoot on auto-bracketing mode. This is where your camera will shoot five separate brackets at two exposure values of difference each time you hit the shutter button. Each of these images can then be blended together during the editing phase to produce a dynamic finished product that highlights every detail in the room.

✅ How To Shoot The Property
When it comes to real estate photography, the aim is to shoot quickly and efficiently. Start at one end of the home, line up the shot, half-press the shutter so it auto-focuses, and then press the shutter. Providing you have set up your bracketing settings, the camera will then take five shots automatically. Move through the property, making sure to capture all the key rooms including the kitchen, bedrooms, living spaces, and bathrooms. If the bathroom is tight, you may need to shoot slightly wider to capture the layout of the room.

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