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Star Photography for Beginners (Astrophotography)

Learn the basics of astrophotography with this tutorial!

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Video Directory!
1:20 Equipment You Need
2:52 Light Pollution + Sky Mapping
4:20 Step 1: Setting Up + Locations
5:10 Step 2: Composition
6:08 Step 3: Alignment (Basic Camera Settings)
6:42 Step 4: Aperture
7:28 Step 5: Shutter Speed
7:56 Step 6: ISO
8:25 Step 7: Focusing
9:09 Step 8: Experimenting + Review
9:58 Step 9: Lighting the Foreground Subject
11:12 Step 10: Refining Your Shot
11:38 Step 11: Editing in Lightroom

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