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theHunter: Call of the Wild | Olos Does Halloween Photo Missions in Hirschfelden | Comedy

Olos A. Bbub was sent to Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve in Germany to do a simple photo mission for Bubba Solo Gaming. I knew he was a tenderfoot and had little experience with wild game and little to none with weapon handling. Still, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to send him afield to earn us some money from the missions. He’s been going on and on about photography since he joined us here at Bubba Solo Gaming, so we thought it was high time we saw first hand if he has any such artistic skills. I’ve seen the photos he produced from this trip, and most are dark and blurry with poorly framed subjects. He’s on me now to pony up the funds to develop one of the “Devil Roe” shots as an ornately framed 4 ft by 8 ft picture for our offices. It’s actually an o.k. photo. It’s not great, but I guess it is a rare subject.

Contrary to his assertions in the video, Olos was reimbursed for his flights, taxi, lodging and meals. I also had to pay the hostel he stayed in for a 3 heavily soiled towels, which were bloodied from the fairly serious wounds Olos sustained from his run-ins with the bison, the wild boar, and a hickory stump that he managed to trip over twice somehow.

Olos did have one photo accepted by Ranger Rick magazine. It wasn’t a wildlife shot. Instead it was a macro photo of the sole of his ruined flip flop. They plan to use it in their regular, “Guess what this is” section. He still hopes to get a moonshot or one of the bunny shots accepted by some lower tier periodical. Wish him well in the comments below.

If the video appears too dark, please crank up the brightness on your device.

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