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What camera for wildlife photography on a budget? What to look for + a top budget pick in 2019!

Hey Guys!

So today the wildlife didn’t come together, but hey that’s the way it goes sometimes!
I thought I’d take the chance to answer a question a get all the time regarding, what camera to buy when getting started in wildlife photography on a budget! I’m going to talk through the specs and features I look for in any new camera, as well as one of my top budget picks I wanted to recommend, that I’ve been re-testing in 2019!

As mentioned in the video when getting into wildlife photography, buying used cameras means you can get pro specs on a far more reachable budget. You guys will know I’ve worked with Wex for many years and so I have no worries championing their used service, a years warranty included as well as everything being checked and graded very fairly they are a great place to buy from with confidence. A couple of my top picks below for those of you looking to get into wildlife photography on a budget!
You can check the range at Wex Used here : http://tidd.ly/32d9b1cc
D3 (They pop up regularly) – http://tidd.ly/8b166a42
D3s (also simply awesome!) http://tidd.ly/c47e4c6f
If you have any questions as always drop them in the comments below and be sure to Like and Sub for new wildlife photography content! For those of you who haven’t seen them, I’ve just finished up a series from my time on the Okavango Delta so be sure to check those out https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxbKvNm3gl_7gKJaRhy5m9bfJaSNnspNa

For more of my work be sure to check out my Instagram @TomMasonPhoto or on the web – www.tommasonphoto.com

In my bag : (UK affiliate links help me fund the channel and cost you nothing)
Lowepro Whistler 450 AW II – (travelled flawlessly on all my flights with ALL the gear below inside!)
Nikon Monarch HG 8×30’s – Simply love these. http://tidd.ly/3df767bb
Nikon D850 + Grip + D5 batteries http://tidd.ly/5e9ce68e
Nikon D5 http://tidd.ly/4fb4af7b
Nikon Z6 and 24-70S – (All video for the channel now shot on this – love this little camera!) http://tidd.ly/18f827ed
Nikon 300mm 2.8 VR II (My all time favourite lens) http://tidd.ly/c3774d0f
Nikon 70-200 FL http://tidd.ly/50423b68
Nikon 35mm 1.4 G http://tidd.ly/74102f76
Nikon 20mm 1.8G http://tidd.ly/792d72d0
Nikon 1.4 TC http://tidd.ly/51bb49a8
Nikon 2.0 TC http://tidd.ly/6d38e4fe
Nikon SB-700 http://tidd.ly/40a57f1a
Spare D5 battery http://tidd.ly/3c45d8ba
Gitzo Mini Traveller http://tidd.ly/eda4b0c
Petzel Headlamp https://amzn.to/2LX80SW
G-tech external drives https://amzn.to/2Yil63y
Macbook 12″ https://amzn.to/2ZBQ57e
Gitzo Rocket Blower (however i’d get this one) http://tidd.ly/8d6a3ab4

Video shot on the Z6 and 24-70mm S along with FTZ adapted other Nikon glass.

I also carry a trusty Gitzo Tripod and Monopod
Gitzo 2 series mountaineer (will do a video about this soon) http://tidd.ly/56738206
Gitzo monopod http://tidd.ly/bb4c85ec

If you have any Gear questions drop them below as well, I’m always happy to help!
Or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @TomMasonPhoto.

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