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What’s the best camera for beginners?

What’s the best camera for beginners? This has to be one of my most FAQ, so it’s time to try to answer this question and my thoughts on it.
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Ever wondered what is the best beginner YouTube camera? Or even best camera for photography and video? As a beginner it’s easy to procrastinate trying to find the best gear instead of going out practising. I totally get that, there’s tons impressive of gear out there. Don’t get me wrong tho, I’m not saying that gear does not matter at all. I think it does to some extent of course. But when you’re a newcomer to a craft that’s the time where the gear matters the least. Today most camera manufactures make entry level cameras that are super. In my honest opinion what camera you choose doesn’t really matter, pick one and test it out. Learn how to use it and go out practise getting some of those juice bangers, just don’t get stuck on the gear. You digg?

However I have a few tips on what to think about when deciding what brand to go with that are in the video!
0:00 Intro
0:28 Does it really matter?
0:51 Most entry level cameras nowadays are top notch!
1:48 But what cameras man??
2:00 TIP #1
2:43 TIP #2
3:21 TIP #3
3:51 Some final words
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