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Why your images (might) SUCK! Improve your street photography with these tips!

Why your images SUCK! Improve your street photography with these tips!

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In this video, we look at what I consider the most important aspects of a good street photograph!

I believe this to be the most important aspect of a good street photograph. Very often we are drawn to capturing nicely lit scenes, nice shapes or just a pretty place. But why is that scene interesting?? and when I say interesting I don’t mean to just you. You might think that photograph has some interest to it but what about somebody who isn’t into photography or wasn’t there when you took the photograph would they see it as an interesting photograph?

Whether you are photographing a charismatic person, a nicely lit scene or a comedic moment, The image will have to display a very clear and obvious element of interest for the viewer otherwise it will be dismissed and your perceived standard will lower.

When reviewing your images, try and work out which ones you like the best and what elements of the images you are most drawn to. Is this scene interesting? – if so why? if not why?

All of the images I have selected for my recent blog post needed to display a clear element of interest which is obvious to the viewer

It should always be very obvious to the person looking at your photographs what your intention was as the photographer and what they should be immediately drawn to.

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